Hey! I'm Travis

Web Designer & Developer based in Ontario.

I CRAFT Visual storytelling and performance based solutions

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Curious mind and passionate about learning

I’m a 25 year old multidisciplinary designer and developer with a passion for learning and creating. I craft unique websites with visual storytelling and performance in mind. Besides web design and development I enjoy guitar, photography and teaching.

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Custom crafted Websites -

Stop relying on websites that don't showcase professionalism or truely align with your brand. I create custom web solutions that can accurately represent your brand and convert users into customers. From start to finish the entire process is custom. Whether you need a simple website or something more - I got you.

Responsive Design -

Roughly 49% of users in 2019 are viewing your website from a mobile device which means you need a design that can adapt. Solutions I create are mobile friendly and work on a wide range of devices. Stop having unnecessary scroll bars! 👌

Visual Storytelling -

Pictures are worth a thousand words.. so how much are videos worth? Probably a decent amount! I make use of high quality images and video to create websites that tell stories.

Performance based solutions -

Performance is important because of the nature of the modern web. Users have no time to waste and will simply skip your site if it does not load in a timely manner. So I like to keep it simple. My solutions are clean, fast and most importantly, functional.

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